Aiden and the Why’s

Aiden: Mommy I want waffles mommy!
Mom: Ok, but I have to clean the kitchen first
Aiden: Why?
Mom: Because I need somewhere to put the waffles and the waffle iron
Aiden: Why?
Mom: Well because if I have nowhere to put the waffle stuff than I can’t make the waffles
Aiden: Why?
Mom: oh, good heaven’s child
Aiden: Mommy, TALK TO ME! Why can’t you make waffles?
Mom: (exasperated) well son, because the kitchen isn’t clean
Aiden: Ok, Mama please clean the kitchen…

Aiden and Aeva

Well, as of September 25th, I am the proud mother of 2 wonderful and energetic children. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I last posted. Aiden will be turning 2 soon and Aeva is already 2 months old. As Aiden is getting older, I am enjoying watching his vocabulary grow. I think the most enjoyable part of this is the fun that comes with his learning how to enunciate and pronounce the different words. Below is a list of Aidenisms:

Watnon = Water
Domass = Pajamas
Ducky = Daddy
Fock = Frog
Fock Soos = Frog Shoes
Cookie = Anything that is sweet
Potamus = Hippopotamus
Toll Booguhs = The Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, what he is really trying to say is Troll Boogers. He asks to watch Toll Booguhs frequently.

I know there are more, but they are not coming to mind right now. I will have to update as they come to me.

As far as Aeva is concerned, she is doing great. She is consistently sleeping 6-8 hour stretches each night so I am averaging about 5-7. So, I can’t complain too much. She loves chattering to whomever is holding her at the moment and smiles as much as possible. She really only cries if she is hungry, or when she has not been the center of attention for a while. She loves being fussed with and lights up the moment anyone smiles and talks to her. She is only 2 months old and I can already tell she is going to be incredibly social. My only question is, both Jonathan and I are pretty much homebodies. We enjoy others company, but are both very introverted. How are both of our kids so social and outgoing? It just goes to show, you can never guess the personalities your little children will be born with. Also, I will post pictures of our kiddos soon. :)

1 Year Old!!!

Today my sweet and most adorable son turned 1!  I can’t believe it has already been a year!  So many things have changed!  We have been able to celebrate/witness so many firsts, for example:  his first time opening his eyes, his first time rolling over, crawling, walking, eating all sorts of fruits, vegetables and meats, his first laugh, his first cry, his first word and many other firsts!  This has been the most wonderful year in our lives.  Most of all we are so happy to have this little guy in our lives and can’t wait to see what other firsts are waiting for him.  (Jonathan is hoping for an early first proper use of the toilet, which will hopefully lead to his first set of big boy underwear.)  Here are some more recent pictures of my little Aiden.

He's not so thrilled by the carseat and car ride. At least he is dressed for success.

This is my personal favorite picture of him

Aiden was enjoying some sweet potato soup made by our friends. We were visiting them at a competition. Lots and lots of fun, and very, very good food!!!

There is nothing like sitting in your very own reclinder on Christmas morning while drinking your favorite beverage. Life is good!!!

My sweet baby boy

Happy Birthday Aiden!!!  We sure do love you!!!